In the year of 1973, the Collegeville Prayer Band was organized by the renowned Mother Annie Kate Hardy, which was later joined by Sister Doris Bailey. Services were in the homes of the later Mother Annie Kaye Hardy, Mother Ida Carroll and the late Elder Robert and Mary Smith. House meetings would be on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Many souls were delivered, set free and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. In result of this powerful anointing, souls were hungry for the Word of God which caused the saints to seek God more.

In 1975, Evangelist Doris Bailey was compelled to move higher in God. Through pray, fasting and belief in the Word of God the Collegeville Prayer Band became joined in the body of First Timothy Holiness Church of God, under the leadership of Bishop Ben Williams.

On June 30, 1977, the Collegeville Prayer Band became the Deliverance Tabernacle Holiness Church of God. The charter members were Evangelist Doris J. Bailey, Bro. Edmund Smith, Minister Teresa McLemore, Bro. George House and Elder H. L. Harris. Evangelist Doris Bailey served as Pastor until the year of 1986. At this particular time Pastor Doris Bailey was Overseer and Elder Lola Mae Purdom was appointed pastor. Pastor Lola Purdom was a great leader that had great faith. She loved God’s people greatly. Through her administration many things were accomplished. In 1988 we secured our present location and became joined in the organization of Purity Holiness Church of God under the leadership of Bishop James Graves. Elder Purdom served the ministry faithfully until her passing in 1991.

This great church has always been a ministry that believed in prayer and held on to the apostolic doctrine of Jesus Christ. there have been many test along this jounrney, but we have stayed together showing love to everyone. The Lord has blessed and added to this ministry throughout the years, but there are those who have gone to be with the Lord. Some of the warriors are Mother Annie Kay Hardy, Elder Lola Mae Purdom, Elder Robert Smith, Mother Mary Smith, Mother Julia McCoy, Mother Martha Wages, Mother Susie Jackson, Mother Ida Mae Carroll, Minister Teresa McLemore, Mother Evelyn Wilson, Minister Dorothy Truitt l, Elder Maude Crumble and Co-Pastor Robert Craig. These individuals have played an instrmental role in this ministry and have left a legacy that will never be forgotten in the history of this great church.

On January 2, 2011, Pastor Doris Bailey installed Co-Pastor Carrie Purdom to be the pastor of the Purity Deliverance Holiness Church. The Lord has been truly faithful to this ministry by performing miracles time and time again. Moving into another phase of ministry we praise God for the vision to add to the existing edifice so that the work of the Lord can go forward and that there will be more room to accommodate the souls for Christ.

On January 8, 2017, Pastor Carrie Purdom installed Elder Robert Craig as Co-Pastor and Prophetess Marcie Cole as Assistant Pastor. We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for this great ministry. There is one thing we know, that through many years of serving God and ministering to the lost…He will never leave nor forsake us. The motto of this church is found in 2 Timothy 2:19, “God’s Solid Foundation Stands Firm!

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